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Dolmen Circle-Kodaikanal

Dolmen Circle is one of the famous anthropological sites in Kodaikanal. One of the popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal, remains of the Dolmen circle from the pre historic era welcomes the visitors.

Frequently visited by history lovers, Dolmen circle is considered to be a great hiding shelter, dwelling and burial places for ancient men, dating back to around 5000 BC. It is believed to be the burial as well as dwelling places of pre historic man who belonged to the Stone Age and Iron Age. These are called as dolmens and Kistavens. Located quite close to Parvatha Vihar and the Pannikadu village, the dolmen is constructed out of two large erect slabs which are further covered by a large flat slab. Many dolmens have been destroyed with time but you can find dolmen at two places. At the Ghat road near Periyakulam, you can spot one dolmen and the other can be seen 2 km away from Pannaikadu hamlet. It is on the highest point before descending to Pattiveerampatti still standing strong without much damage.

The dolmens also make for a great photo-opp. Tourists can also visit the Shenbaganur Museum that houses various models of dolmen.

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