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Mannavanur Lake-Kodaikanal

The Lake is located in Mannavanur village, which is around 34 km away from Kodaikanal. It is a peaceful place where you can rest in the lap of nature. The road takes you through the stretch of lovely Eucalyptus trees and dense pine forests before reaching the Mannavanur Lake.

This picturesque lake, can be seen as you drive down to the village. The view of lake amid the captivating meadows with majestic hills at some distance is worth capturing. The drive to the lake is equally enchanting with eucalyptus and pine trees surrounding the road on both the sides. As you pass across these trees, lush greenery with rich flora and fauna greets you at Mannavanur. It is a paradise for romantics and those seeking solace from the busy city life. A vast grassland and hills surround this lake. The lake itself is small and a lazy coracle ride on the lake makes good sense. The coracle oarsman will give you a high speed rotation, going round and round which will make your head spin.

There are quite a few benches near the lake that you could occupy. A small creek had formed from the water that overflowed from the lake due to the rains. Walking around the lake is the best way to watch birds in this area. A pleasant atmosphere prevails in Mannavanur and the lake gives a soothing experience. It takes 40 minutes to travel from Kodaikanal Bus Stand to Mannavanur.

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